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Wanna become an IT Manager, Administrator. Or planning to shift your career to IT industry. Enroll with us, as we provide affordable yet comprehensive training solution using live equipment. Our instructors will walk you through step-by-step (no shortcut allowed). And the staffs are friendly & approachable.

Also, our aim is to help our students land a job that will maximize their skill set. So we continuously searching for job opening by contacting companies and resource person. And provide referral for our students.

Furthermore, here at 5G-ITTC we use Linux as the primary Operating System, introducing our students to other technology making them standout from the competition. 

What We Offer..

No SIMULATORS. Pure hands-on training using live equipments e.g. Routers, Switches, Servers.

Training includes lunch meal, free flowing, morning & afternoon snack, handout and fast internet connection.

Beautiful and clean training facility.

99% passing rate.

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