Advanced Networking

Pre-requite: None

Course Duration:  24 hours
                                days training
                                10am - 6pm

Course Schedule: Monday - Friday
                                Every Saturday
                                Every Sunday

Equipment: Fiber Optic Cable SC
                      SC Fast Connector
                      Fault Locator & Power meter
                      Cat6 cable
                      802.11AC SOHO Router
                      Patch Panel

Inclusion (face-to-face training): Morning & Afternoon snack
                                                            Lunch Meal
                                                            Certificate of completion
                                                            Training handout
                                                            Free flowing coffee

Inclusion (Online Training):  Certificate of completion
                                                     Training handout (soft copy)

Day 1

Network Fundamentals
➣ What is network
➣ History of network
➣ Classification of network
➣ Network cabling
➣ Types of cables
➣ Straight-through, 
    Crossover, Rollover
➣ Terminate: cat5e, cat6
➣ Introduction to Cat7 cable
➣ Patch Panel
➣ Fiber optic cabling
➣ Discuss Hub vs Switch vs
    Router vs Gateway

Day 2

P2P Networking
➣ What is IP address
➣ History of IP address
➣ IPv4 vs IPv6
➣ Class A,B,C,D,E
➣ Private IP vs Public IP
➣ Number System: Binary,
    Decimal, Hexadecimal
➣ Subnetting (binary
➣ IP version 6 addressing
➣ Poe vs Non-Poe
➣ Configure SOHO router
➣ CCTV installation & port
➣ WIFI Local Area Network

Day 3

Server 2012 (basic setup & 
➣ What is Client/Server
➣ Client&/server VS Peer-to-
➣ Advantage and
    Disadvantage of
➣ Describe different edition
    OS server 2012
➣ Install server 2012
    standard edition
➣ Promote server 2012 to
    Domain Controller
➣ Create Domain: User,
➣ Create Organizational Unit
➣ Configure account
➣ Join Client computer to
    Domain Controller
➣ Create DHCP Server
➣ Create Web Server
➣ Create Ftp Server
➣ Configure Group policy