C# .Net Training

Prerequisite: None

Equipment: Desktop
                      MS Visual Studio
                      Fast Internet

DURATION: 5 days training
                     9am to 3pm
                     30 hours

Inclusion (face-to-face training): Lunch Meal and snack
                                                            Certificate of completion
                                                            Training handout
                                                            Free flowing coffee

Inclusion (Online Training): Certificate of completion
                                                   Training handout (soft copy)


Day 1

1. Introduction to C# and the .NET FRAMEWOR

- Working with variables, operators, and expressions

- Writing methods and applying scope

- Using decision statements

- Using compound assignment and iteration statements

- Managing errors and exceptions

Day 2

2. Creating and managing classes and objects

- Understanding values and references

- Creating value types with enumerations and structures

- Using arrays

- Understanding parameter arrays

- Working with inheritance

- Creating interfaces and defining abstract classes

- Using garbage collection and resource management

Day 3

3. Implementing properties to access fields

- Using indexers

- Introducing generics

- Using collections

- Enumerating collections

- Decoupling application logic and handling events

- Querying in-memory data by using query expressions

- Operator overloadingections

Day 4

4. Improving throughput by using tasks

- Improving response time by performing asynchronous operations

- Implementing the user interface for a Windows Store app

5. Database and Web Programming

- Getting Started with ADO .NET

Day 5

- Database Programming with ADO.NET

- Using Bound Controls to Display Database Information

- SQL Statements, LINQ, and Filtering Data

- Displaying and searching for data in a Windows Store app

- Accessing a remote database from a Windows Store app