Ethical Hacking

Prerequisite: NONE (open for zero knowledge or beginner)

Course Duration:  24 hours
                          3 days training
                          10am - 6pm

Course Schedule: Monday - Friday
                          Every Saturday
                          Every Sunday

Equipment:  Fast Internet
                  WEB & FTP Server
                  SOHO Router & Switches
                  Target OS: Windows and Linux
                  Kali Linux 2020.4

Inclusion (face-to-face training): Morning & Afternoon snack
                                               Lunch Meal
                                               Certificate of completion
                                               Training handout
                                               Free flowing coffee

Inclusion (Online Training):  Certificate of completion
                                        Training handout (soft copy)

Day 1

- History of Ethical Hacking 
- Intro to Kali Linux 
- Installation of Kali Linux
- Discuss Penetration Testing
- Explain & perform
- Google Dorks 
- Scanning & enumerating
   live   Windows and
   Lnux machine  
- Install Nessus on Kali Linux
- Perform vulnerabiliy scan
  on live Windows and Linux 

Day 2

- Discuss different type 
  exploitation software 
- Intro to Metasploit
- Discuss changes on
  metasploit  with new kali
- Exploit live Windows &
  Linux workstation 
- Explain & perform Pivoting
- Explain & perform Man-In
  The -Middle Attack 
- Explain & perform Social
   Engineering Attack
- Explain on how to minimize
   detection by antivirus
- Perform encoding of
   malicious file
- Explain & perform SQL

Day 3

- Discuss the importance of     complex password 
- Describe MD5, SHA1
- Explain & perform privilege
   escalation Explain different
   types of password attack
- Perform password attack
   on SOHO  router
- Perform wifi injection on 
   WEP encryption
- Perform wifi injection on
   WPA encryption
- Perform wifi injection on
   WPA2 encryption
- Explain Phishing Attack