Information Technology Infrastructure Library 4

Prerequisite: None
Course Duration:  24 hours
                                3 days training
                                9am - 5pm

Course Schedule: Friday - Sunday
                                Every Saturday
                                Every Sunday

Inclusion (face-to-face training): Morning & Afternoon snack
                                                            Lunch Meal
                                                            Certificate of completion
                                                            Training handout
                                                            Review material for exam
                                                            Free flowing coffee

Inclusion (Online Training):  Certificate of completion
                                                     Training handout (soft copy)
                                                     Review material for exam

Day 1

1.1 Understand the key concepts of IT Service Management
Recall the definition of:
a) Service
b) Utility
c) Warranty
d) Customer
e) User
f) Service management
g) Sponsor
1.2 Describe the key concepts of Creating Value with IT services:
a) Cost
b) Value
c) Organization
d) Outcome
e) Output
f) Risk
g) Utility
h) Warranty
1.3 Describe the key concepts of Service Relationships:
a) Service offering
b) Service relationship management
c) Service provision
d) Service consumption
1.4 Evolution of ITIL to current Version 4

Day 2

2.1 Describe/Explain the nature, use and interaction of the Seven (7) Guiding Principles
a) Focus on value
b) Start where you are
c) Progress iteratively with feedback
d) Collaborate and promote visibility
e) Think and work holistically
f) Keep it simple and practical
g) Optimize and automate
3.1 Understand the four dimensions of Service Management
a) Organizations and people
b) Information and technology
c) Partners and suppliers
d) Value streams and processes
4.1 Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL Service Value System
a) What is Service Value System
5.1 Describe the interconnected nature of the Service Value Chain and how this supports Value Streams
5.2 Describe the purpose of each Value Chain activity:
a) Plan
b) Improve
c) Engage
d) Design & transition
e) Obtain/build
f) Deliver & support 

Day 3

6.1 Things to Remember about the purpose of the following thirty-four (34) ITIL practices:
a) Information security management
b) Relationship management
c) Supplier management
d) IT asset management
e) Monitoring and event management
f) Release management
g) Service configuration management
h) Deployment management
i) Continual improvement
j) Change control
k) Incident management
l) Problem management
m) Service request management
n) Service desk
o) Service level management
6.2 Things to Remember to definitions of the following ITIL terms:
a) IT asset
b) Event
c) Configuration item
d) Change
e) Incident
f) Problem
g) Known error
7.1 Explain the following 7 ITIL practices in detail, excluding how
they fit within the Service Value chain:
a) Continual improvement including: - The continual improvement model
b) Change control
c) Incident management
d) Problem management
e) Service request management
f) Service desk
g) Service level management
7.2 Mock Exam