Juniper Networks Certified Associate

Prerequisite: None

Course Duration:  40 hours
                                5 days training
                                10am - 6pm

Course Schedule: Monday - Friday
                                Every Saturday
                                Every Sunday

Inclusion (face-to-face training): Morning & Afternoon snack
                                                            Lunch Meal
                                                            Certificate of completion
                                                            Training handout
                                                            Review material for exam
                                                            Free flowing coffee

Inclusion (Online Training):  Certificate of completion
                                                     Training handout (soft copy)
                                                     Review material for exam

Day 1

Identify the concepts, operation or functionality of the Junos user interface
• CLI functionality
• CLI modes
• CLI navigation
• CLI Help
• Filtering output
• Active versus candidate configuration
• Reverting to previous configurations
• Modifying, managing, and saving configuration files
• Viewing, comparing, and loading configuration files
• J-Web (core/common functionality only) 

Day 2

Identify the main elements for configuring Junos devices
• Factory-default state
• Initial configuration
• User accounts
• Login classes
• User authentication methods
• Interface types and properties
• Configuration groups
• Additional initial configuration elements, such as NTP, SNMP, and syslog
• Configuration archival
• Logging and tracing
• Rescue configuration 

Day 3

Identify methods of monitoring or maintaining Junos devices
• Show commands
• Monitor commands
• Interface statistics and errors
• Network tools, such as ping, traceroute, telnet, SSH, and so on
• Junos OS installation and upgrades
• Powering on and shutting down Junos devices
• Root password recovery

Day 4

Identify basic routing concepts or functionality for Junos devices
• Traffic forwarding concepts
• Routing tables
• Routing versus forwarding tables
• Route preference
• Routing instances
• Static routing
• Advantages of and use cases for dynamic routing protocols 

Day 5

Identify the concepts or functionality of routing policy and firewall filters on Junos devices
• Default routing policies
• Import and export policies
• Routing policy flow
• Effect of policies on routes and routing tables
• Policy structure and terms
• Policy match criteria, match types, and actions
• Firewall filter concepts
• Filter structure and terms
• Filter match criteria and actions
• Effect of filters on packets
• Unicast reverse-path-forwarding (RPF)