Provisiong SQL Databases

Prerequisite: None

Course Duration:  40 hours
                                5 days training
                                9am - 5pm

Course Schedule: Monday - Friday
                                Every Saturday
                                Every Sunday

Equipment: Real server computer
                      10k RPM SAs Drive
                      Fast internet

Inclusion (face-to-face training): Morning & Afternoon snack
                                                            Lunch Meal
                                                            Certificate of completion
                                                            Training handout
                                                            Review material for exam
                                                            Free flowing coffee

Inclusion (Online Training):  Certificate of completion
                                                     Training handout (soft copy)
                                                     Review material for exam

Day 1

SQL Server Components
• Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
• Overview of SQL Server Architecture
• SQL Server Services and Configuration Options

Installing SQL Server (This module describes the process to install SQL Server 2016)
• Preparing to install SQL Server
• Install an instance of SQL Server
• Perform post installation checks
• Automating Installation

Upgrading SQL Server to SQL Server 2017
• Upgrade Requirements
• Upgrade SQL Server Services
• Side by Side Upgrade: Migrating SQL Server Data and Applications
• Create the Application Logins
• Restore the backups of the TSQL Database
• Orphaned Users and Database Compatibility Level

Day 2

Working with Databases
• Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server
• Managing Storage for System Databases
• Managing Storage for User Databases
• Moving and Copying Database Files
• Buffer Pool Extension
• Configuring tempdb Storage
• Creating Databases
• Attaching a Database
• Enable Buffer Pool Extension

Performing Database
• Ensuring Database Integrity
• Maintaining Indexes
• Automating Routine Database Maintenance
• Use DBCC CHECKDB to Verify Database Integrity
• Rebuild Indexes
• Create a Database Maintenance Plan

Day 3

Database Storage Options
• SQL Server storage Performance
• SMB Fileshare
• SQL Server Storage in Microsoft Azure
• Stretch Databases
• Run Stretch Database Advisor
• Implement Stretch Database

Planning to Deploy SQL Server on Microsoft Azure
• SQL Server Virtual Machines in Azure
• Azure Storage
• Azure SQL Authentication
• Deploying an Azure SQL Database
• Plan an Azure SQL Database, Networking, performance tiers, security
• Provision an Azure SQL Database
• Connect to an Azure SQL Database

Day 4

Migrating Databases to Azure SQL Database
• Database Migration Testing Tools
• Database Migration Compatibility Issues
• Migrating a SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Database
• Perform Migration Testing
• Migrate a SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Database
• Test a Migrated Database

Deploying SQL Server on a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine
• Deploying SQL Server on an Azure VM
• The Deploy Database to a Microsoft Azure VM Wizard
• Provision an Azure VM
• Use the Deploy Database to Azure VM Wizard

Day 5

Managing databases in the Cloud
• Managing Azure SQL Database Security
• Configure Azure storage
• Azure Automation
• Add data masking
• Use Azure automation to stop Virtual Machines

SQL Server Security
• Authenticating Connections to SQL Server
• Authorizing Logins to Connect to databases
• Authorization Across Servers
• Partially Contained Databases
• Create Logins
• Create Database Users
• Correct Application Login Issues
• Configure Security for Restored Databases